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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Continuing......part Eight.

We Declare, that families have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other, parents to each other, parents to each of their children, Spouses to each other and their children, and all household members to each other. Families with children have a solemn and sacred duty to rear their children in love, empathy, and compassion, free from any and all rejection for any reason whatsoever. Whoever ostrasized a child in any way, for any reason, is worse than an infidel, and in no way can ever inherit any degree of salvation. This type of rejection is like unto murder, and will be listed in the Handbook as such. Additionally, Families with children have a solemn duty to provide for their physical, social, mental, economic, and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and to serve one another, unconditionally,  to be law abiding citizens, and celebratory of all diversities of citizens and non-citizens, whatever the identity, station, status, or location. By no measure may a person in righteousness be compelled or permitted to seek after the codification of any part of Church Doctrine, Cannon, Scriptures, Policies, Values, or Temple Worthiness Questions into the laws of a City, State, or Country, or seek to keep such codified morality especially and doctrines as status-quo I'm any existing laws.

We Declare, an absolute Wall of Separation between any and every church, religion, faith, spirituality, or any degree of Theocracy, singularly, or collectively, AND State, or any Government Entity whatsoever. The Church will no longer accept tax-exempt status, and feel that we are not above the law, in a free, civil, and moral society. We will hereby pay our fair share of taxes, in all forms.

We Declare that Wives, Husbands, Spouses, Children, and all members of Families are commanded, by God, to unconditionally and unequivocally love one another at all times. Any feigned, bogus, or counterfeit love, perpetrated by parents towards children is the most grievous of sins. Children must be removed from such homes, where children are beaten, ridiculed, tortured, or abused in any way, shape, or form for being their true authentic selves. Parents will be excommunicated, and criminal charged brought about to the fullest extent of the law. Wives, Husbands, Spouses, Mothers, Fathers, and Families will be held accountable before God for the discharge of their obligations.

We Declare, the Family to be Ordained of God, including all forms of family (personally procreated or not), are valid, sacred and to be celebrated. Marriage is NOT essential to the Gospel, the Plan of Happiness. Weddings and Marriages are an acceptable practice to publicly declare love, honor and commitment, but it is not a requirement for full salvation, as it is not of God, and will not be recognized in any degree of Paradisical Glory.

Children are entitled to be raised in a family that is openly celebratory for who each others true and authentic identities are. Children are entitled to Parents, Spouses, Mothers, or Fathers that honor the Family Covenant with complete fidelity.

Successful Families are established and maintained on principles of love unfeigned, empathy, compassion, collective and societal accountability and responsibility, altruism, egalitarianism, building up zion, ecumenical and humanitarian work, service to others, stewardship of the Earth, faith, hope, and charity. Greed, Selfishnesss, Mammon servitude, and acquisition are all of the adversary and tear families apart. Wholesome recreational activities are an important part of family life, and never can be seem as interfering with reverencing or keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Family love and bonding is of paramount preeminence, over the Sabbath, and all Church meetings.

We Declare, that Mother's and/or Father's and/or Spouses are by divine design to be equal partners in absolutely everything in all of life and family. Inequality, any degree of subservience, submission, or presiding authority of one party over another is of the adversary will never be tolerated. Mother's or Father's or Spouses can nurture children equally, successfully. There is no standard, preferred, or perfect family model to seek after. All family forms are valid and sacred.

We WARN, that individuals who violate the commandments against adultery, rape, incest, molestation, pornography, greed, selfishness, or are serving mammon at the expense of their family, or abuse their spouse or children in any way, for their self identity, or otherwise, will stand accountable before God. All members found guilty of such, will be excommunicated,  and punished to the full extent of the law.

We Further Warn, that the denigration and mockery of all the infinite diversities of families, families of difference, will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations, the calamities that they have coming to them.

We Call Upon all responsible, and accountable people, and officers of govermments, everywhere, to promote those policies, laws, and measures designed to publicly recognize the value, validity, and sacredness of all familes, in all shapes and forms. We believe that INFINITE DIVERSITY IN INFINITE FAMILY COMBINATIONS are all divinely ordained of God. All efforts made to ensure this is embraced and celebrated worldwide is divinely called upon for each one of us to act upon and make it so, as is pleasing unto the Lord.

This we say in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This Proclamation to be read in it's entirety (all eight parts) on Sacrament Meeting, and every formal meeting, including October 2015 General Conference.

Signed, the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the Council of the 21 Apostles.

This concludes this series on the letter that we Mormons should have had read to all of us, in response to the recent Supreme Court, Marriage Freedom decision.....instead of the ALL-IN to bigotry letter that WAS read.

It is shocking, and appalling to see my lifelong church go headstrong, and in so UN-CHRIST-LIKE of a way into beholding itself to new bigotry. The Church had a face-saving way to move forward. The Church could have said, and rightly so, that now there will be millions of TLGBQIA people getting married and LIVING THE LAW OF CHASTITY.......this is a good thing, and they will all be fully welcomed and celebrated with full standing and temple sealings in the Church. NOTHING IN THE GOSPEL DOES GOD COMMAND SUPREMACISM OF CISHETISM, OR COMPELL MEMBERS TO HAVE ANY DEGREE OF BIGOTRY OR EXCLUSION TOWARD TLGBQIA PEOPLE. NOTHING! All church exclusion of others is contrary to the Plan of Happiness, and is completely of the adversary. The Church, I declare, is in open Apostasy, and in need of a new Restoration, and Refounding.

I am A FREE of the bigotry
Free of the exclusion
Free of the supremacism
Free of the triumphalism
Free of the xenophobia
Free of the sexism
Free of the classism
Free of the racism
Free of the Heterosexism
Free of Cisgenderism
Free of religiosity
Free of perpetrating religion on others
Free of usurping the free agency of others
Free of all judgements and judging others
Free of all oppression and repression
Free of Conservativism
Free of greed and selfishness

Just a free and open Mormon Church absent all the baggage.

I hope you will join me.

I welcome your comments.

With Love and Loyalty,


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