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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Letter the Mormons Should Have Read in Church Today: Part Six; The New Proclamation on Family, part 2

..........continuing from part 1;

We declare that those who cannot unbury their Talent, and admit to themselves that they are TLGBQIA I'm their lifetime, or people who cannot openly, and proudly embrace, and celebrate TLGBQIA people, cannot be considered Temple Worthy members. No such person can have their calling and election made sure, or achieve any measure of salvation.

We admonish everyone to "come out of the closet", and to openly live and practice as your true authentic self. Furthermore, never hide or bury the Talent you have been given, or none will be added unto you.

It shall be considered canon, doctrine, and a commandment to never be a closeted individual about one's own TLGBQIA identity, or anything else. Guileful mess and the acting on the being of a fake human being, lying, and bearing false witness about your identity is a grievous sin, andshall be listed in the Church Handbook of Instructions, right beside Murder and Rape.

It shall be considered canon, doctrine, and a Commandment that no one should enter into a mixed orientation marriage, neither will any such marriages or sealings be performed or blessed by the Church. Those in current mixed orientation marriages, may be considered to continue, but please be advised this is the commission of lying, bearing false witness, stealing, and selfishness, to enter into such a marriage.

Artificial insemination, and other methods of fertilizing of eggs with or without sperm, uterus transplants for transsexuals, any surgeries deemed necessary by a councelor or doctor, and adoption, are considered to be divinely ordained of God, and righteous endeavors of procreation, and making a family, for all people, including TLGBQIA people.

We acknowledge the divine characteristic of homogender  marriage, or otherwise juxtaposed genders of wives and/or husbands. Quite often, the wife is more butch, or equal to the husband, and/or the husband is more femme, or equal to that of the wife. It was wild infidelity, and hypocrisy to denigrate and demean homosexual people and marriage, while permitting homogeneous people and marriages to exist. Neither are ever to be considered inferior to any other marriages, but homogeneous marriages will not be considered straight or heterosexual marriages, but will be blessed with membership in the TLGBQIA and Queer Community. They are all part of the greatness and divine nature of God's family.

We declare that Gender Identity and Gender Expression are God given Human Rights, and will always be honored and celebrated. We forever accept and celebrate the identities of Transgender, Transsexual, Transvestite, Cross Dresser, Drag Entertainer, Gender fluid, Genderqueer, Bi-Gender, Pan-Gender, Omni-Gender, Androgyne, Agender, Asexual, Intersex, or any other diversity of Gender Identity and Expression, and every Sex Expression, from totally Butch, to totally femme, and everything in between.

We hereby abolish all conformity to linking clothing to reverence, modesty, or sex. There will never again be standards for dress for attending Church, or living life, other than minimum vestments of culture will be required. Men are not to consider the western style business suit, white shirt or tie, a form of reverence or worship, or appropriate Church attire. Women are not to consider the frock, or dress to be a requirement for Church attire. Modesty is always in the eye of the beholder. If you believe someone to be immodest, you are the sinner, just as the Rapist is the sole cause of the rape. Women are never to believe they must hide their bodies, to be acceptable before God, or to present themselves at Church, or anywhere. All styles of any given culture will be acceptable in all Church facilities, and sanctuaries.

End of Proclamation, part 2

Always Faithful,


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