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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Letter That Should Have Been Read In Church Today: Part Four

Part 4, of a continuing series;

We further recognize and declare the extreme infidelity and apostasy the Church has perpetrated regarding Marriage and Family. 

Effective immediately, the 1995 Proclamation on Family is officially disavowed, rejected, renounced, and repudiated. Further remarks on that document and it's replacement will follow. 

We declare and admit that to ever exclude any family or couple from full standing and fellowship of the Church was, is, and always will be a sin of wickedness. We are sorry. We fully apologize for these bigoted actions and policies. 

To exclude others based on  i from God, but rather solely on disguised notions from the adversary, including cissexism, and heterosexism. This was and always be the epitome of being Un-Christlike. All of scripture and doctrine refutes the sinfully policy that we adhered to with rapacious indignation. 

We 1  that all doctrinal and policy exclusions of TLGBQIA People was and always will be wrong, and Un-Christlike. We seek only to be Christ-like. 

Therefore, effective immediately, all Church Buildings, Temples, and resources will be available for the performance of all ordinaces, weddings, marriages, and sealingshe to all monogamous couples. Total Marriage Freedom and Marriage Equality will be Celebrated for all couples who are, or identify in any of the TLGBQIA and Queer Spectrum and Universe throughout the Church is now absolute Canon, Doctrine, Policy, Practice, and Lived Experience. No conditions or exclusions will be tolerated, and will be grounds for excommunication.

The Theology of Marriage is something that Christ himself, refuted. It is something that has been invented by human beings, and not God. The definitions have continuously changed in every generation.  The Theology of Marriage Supremacy, and the sinfulmess of TLGBQIA ifentities, and the acting upon them as being a sin, was, is, and ever shall be extreme infidelity to the teachings and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We declare with all humilty, and supplication do proclaim our deepest sorrow, regret, and apology for this sinfulness and apostasy we perpetrated for far too long. It was never right to do, not ever. We are sorry and ask for forgiveness, which we must earn, by the lived experiences of those we marginalized. 

In accordance with each of these Proclamations, we will interview the entire membership for approval, acceptance, and celebration. Any member found to be disbelieving or in any disagreement with all, or any portion of this Public Letter, Proclamation, will be immediately excommunicated. 

We further declare some changes as follows. The names of the Church Universities with be scrapped, and disavowed. The First School was Ricks College, and changed to BUU-IDAHO, will revert to Ricks University. The second school, BYU-Provo will become Deseret University. The third school, BYU-Hawaii, will become Pacific University of the Saints.

The Church will immediately cease all affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America. A suitable alternative scouting program for boys will be found, until then, "Achievement Days" will now be for boys. Girls will be able to join Girl Scouts of America, as the Church formally squires ties to this wonderful organization.

A gender neutral restroom will be fitted in every Church building. All members will unconditionally be able to access the bathroom of the sex and gender they identify.

The practice of sanctioning, shaming, and difellowshiping members will be discontibued. No one shall ever again be asked not to partake of the Sacrament, or not to speak in Church, or not to offer prayers, or teatimonies, or refrain from attending Sunday School, Relief Society/Priestesshood or Priesthood. All members will be equal, and have full standing. No one will be respected or disrespected. No one will ever be forbade from Coming Unto Christ.

Women can now serve missions at 18, and for 2 years.

The Church stands in Favor of the ERA, and will make efforts to ensure its swift passage.

The Church disavows all opposition to abortion and a woman's sovereign right to control her own body. The Church will ensure abortion stays safe and legal.

The Church disavows all opposition to birth control.

The Church disavows all opposition to cremation.

The Church disavows, renounces and repudiates the baptism by proxy of unrelated individuals who are deceased, unsolicited individuals, or individuals that are deceased and have not asked for it, or the family or Church objects.

The Church disavows, rejects, repudiates, and renounces all notions of supremacism and triumphalism. The Church is a good and AFFIRMATIONAL PATH, but it is far from being the ONLY path.

The Church drops all affiliations with the Republican Party, the Tea Party, or Conservativism. The Church formally rejects, repudiates, and renounces any and all suggestions to vote for the Republican Party, in any election, past, present, or future.

This is the beginning,  not the end. We have much to atone for. These are but a few of the great sins we have committed, but ask that you give us a second chance. We formally invite all those who have left the Church, to come back, and join with us in this sacred effort to leave OUR APOSTETIC State, and Renew, Reform, Restore, and Re-found the Church.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

End of part 4.

In Part 5, a replacement for the 1995 Family Proclamation.

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