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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Letter That The Mormons Should Have Read In Church Today: Part 5; The NEW PROCLAMATION ON THE FAMILY

 And finally, we wish to declare the following:

We acknowledge that the Proclamation on the Family, from 1995, is wrong, sinful, and never was the word of God. This hateful document was used as a tool of such wickedness, exclusion, and bigotry, it is appalling. To use the document for the purpose of using it as a weapon of mass destruction, via disinformation, disaffirmation, disempowerment, disenfranchisement, difellowshiping, and excommunication of others, targeted for special discrimination, specifically, the TLGBQIA Community, has always been, is, and ever shall be the most diobolical, heinous, wicked, abhorrent, and a most unclean and show of infidelity to Gospel Principles imaginable. These sins will hemseforth be listed in the same catagorize as Murder, and Rape, in the Church Handbook of Instructions.

We completely, and unequivocally, disavow, rescind and recall all copies of, reject, repudiate, and formally renounce the 1995 Proclamation. With sincere humilty we appologize for its issuence, and adoption as doctrine and policy. It never had divine inspiration, and was wholecloth invented by the bigoted will of mistaken men.

In place of this abolished document, we declare the following as, a New Proclamation on the Family, to immediately be regarded as full canon law, and Doctrine.


The First Presidency, and Council of the 21 Apostles, do hereby solemnly proclaim this message as divinely inspired by God. We declare that the Family is ordained of God, and comes is myriad forms and identities. Any one human being is ordained, valid, worthy, and blessed family. Likewise, any 2 human beings are a family, as well, as 3, 4, 5, or more. Any two human beings above the age of 20, can enter into sacred, and governmental ordinaces of weddings, sealings, and marriages. Each and every one of these such relationships will be received in full standing, in lawful, and righteous unions, and marriages of couples, and Families. Any one person, over 20, can do the same with themselves, and marry themself. They are a family. To be clear, this includes all those formerly, and wrongfully, excluded Transgender, Transsexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, Asexual, or other Queer Community individuals, who will now be forming righteous and valid sealings and marriages. Cisgender and Heterosexual Marriages are never to be considered more valid, more righteous, more Godly, or otherwise superior, in any way whatsoever.

All human beings have a sex and a gender. Sex is that which is culturally construed as a label, according to our genitalia. The human body is not eternal, and will not be resurrected to the same sex they lived their lives on Earth. The Human body is a simple vessel, a symbiote, for the purpose of carrying the far more important gender of a person.

Gender is what is eternal, and what is a Temple, sacred and pure, not ones sex. Sex and Gender shall never be conflated, or seen as related in any way. There are Homo bodied persons, and Trans bodied persons, and they are as normal and valid as left and right handedness.

Gender is a Prime characteristic of every individual, in their premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. Gender is in ate to the sentience of a human being. It is that sentience that is a persons Temple, and the most sacred part of a person. The exact sentience/gender of a person on Earth, is what an ascended eternal individual will have forever. There is no such thing as being cured, fixed, repaired, counseled, or changed to a different gender.

Transgender Women will be resurrected to a female bodied ascended being. Transgender Men will be resurrected to a male bodied ascended being. Other circumstances will require the diversity from which they were created. Gender is uniquely created by God, and is never repeated. Having been approximately 210 Billion human beings every existing on Earth to date, there has been 210 billion different and unique genders.

Sex, on the other hand, is far more limited, and is finite. To date, there are a minimum of 68 sexes, chromosomially. Diversity and circumstances will require adjustments to policies, but all are valid, worthy, and Godly. Gender and Sex are created by God, for divine purposes, and are hard wired, and genetic.

TLGBQIA People are born of their mothers womb for the Kingdom of Heavens sake. TLGBQIA Peoplease have a special calling, blessing, and election, having been chosen from the most Valiant of the Spirit Children. They are those spoken of by God, "many are called, but few are chosen". Heavenly Mother and Father created each of us with special callings, blessings, and Talents.

Being Cisgender and/or Heterosexual is never to be considered a superior calling, or Talent. Being TLGBQIA is never to be considered or treated as inferior, or a curse of any kind. Being TLGBQIA is to be considered a special Talent, a special blessing, and sacred, to be forever celebrated and affirmed.

end of Part 5, The New Proclamation, part 1. There will be 3 more parts to come.

Always with Love,


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