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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Letter the Mormons Should Have Read in Church Today: Part Three

This is the third installment of my series focusing on the formal declaration letter the Mormon Church had had read in Church the last couple of weeks since Marriage Freedom became legal.

The Church just can't stand that they got their Political Partisan Perpetrations and Intrusions asses handed to them by the majority of evidenced by their steaming pile of crap insolence, indicative of going ALL-IN to bigotry in a very public way. They are fully an apostate church, that speaks with a guileful, hypocritical, and infidel heart and mind, with declared policy.

In part one, I gave the formal preface, and covered appologies for being a bigoted church, and a promise to forego such wickedness in the future. I went on to discuss the filthy RACIST PAST AND PRESENT OF THE CHURCH, and a promise to change, with RADICAL INCLUSION.

In part 2, I went on to discuss the extreme abomination o Church SEXISM IN THE PAST AND PRESENT, the falacy of PROSPERITY DOCTRINE, CAPITALISM, AND CLASSISM.

HERE IS Part three:

FOURTH;  WE acknowledge the  extreme infidelity and apostasy of Polygamy, and plural Bigamy. This notion was never from God to be practiced at any time in the current era, or ever in the future.

Polygamy was, is, and forever will be a grievous sin, and will never be tolerated. We hereby reject, repudiate, and renounce all past and present practice of this sin, by the church, and all it's members who ever engaged in it. We further renounce all ties and associations with cults and compounds that practice polygamy.

FIFTH;  WE fully recognize what has caused our epiphany, and unanimous mighty change of heart. We seek to align with what Jesus, and Heavenly Parents have always wanted for us. The Approval of TLGBQIA being able to be legally married in America has been the spark. We finally see the light. We seek, and promise to reject, repudiate, and renounce all past, present, and future bigotry of any stripe.

We hereby recognize the FREEDOM TO MARRY, and will make every effort to ensure that every human being has and is afforded this God-given basic human right.

We, with all humilty, and supplication to the Lord, say, WE ARE SORRY AS A CHURCH, COLLECTIVELY, AND INDIVIDUALLY, to have ever been in the business of bigotry targeted specifically towards our Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual people all over the world, by all members, and the Official Church, toward our beautiful and Godly Queer Community.

We are sorry. We are truly sorry, and we hereby formally appologise, and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

We recognize that as a Church, we were committing and perpetrating grave infidelity and apostasy. To be beholden to RADICAL EXCLUSION, DENIGRATION, DISCRIMINATION, INTOLERANCE, SHAMING, FEAR, HATE, CISSEXISM, AND HETEROSEXISM ALWAYS WAS, IS, AND EVER SHALL BE THE MOST WICKED OF SINS. Such sins will now be grouped with "Murder, and Rape"

We recognize that all TLGBQIA people, are children of God, and will now have the opportunity to marry, and have weddings, IN THE TEMPLE, and in all Church buildings, for the sacred ordinances to be given to these kind and loving human beings.

Furthermore, God never gave such a command or prophesy to the Church or anyone to act in this bigoted, exclusionary way. God never gave us the excuse to orchestrate, and perpetrate such an evil policy, in the Church, or in any Government. No religion, and not the Mormon Church has any right to USURP THE FREE AGENCY OF EVERYONE, AND FORCIBLY CO-OPT THEM IN THE CHURCH VIA ALL CODIFICATION EFFORTS, AND GOVERNMENT POLICY.

We further recognise, that this bigoted and evil policy has effectively CAUSED A GENOCIDE, among the membership of the Church, and society at large. We acknowledge that the Mormon Church is complicit in the deaths of countless thousands of TLGBQIA people. We must repent as a Church, and every member that held such bigoted beliefs, must also repent. A new Temple Recommend question will include the following;  Have you ever acted on the evil policy of excluding TLGBQIA people from Church, or from EQUAL RIGHTS IN SOCIETY. Have you ever ostrasized a child from your home, for being an TLGBQIA CHILD OF GOD.

It was extreme bigotry and absence of godliness, along with Apostasy, and Infidelity, of all Prophets, Presidents, and General Authority to authorize and write into Church Policy, anti TLGBQIA propaganda, literature, and pamphlets, to shame them, and inhibit them from coming out and embracing their salvation of finally being absent all guile, and of all lying, and bearing false witness about themselves. We acknowledge that this directly caused the death of thousands.

We are sorry, and ask for forgiveness.

It was extreme infidelity and apostasy to target TLGBQIA people, or their Allies, for disfellowship, or excommunicatuon, or otherwise sactioned such individuals, or threatened them that they quit, or resigned from the Church.

The following PROCLAMATION ON TOTAL CECATION OF ALL BIGOTRY IN THE CHURCH will immediately take effect;

1. Never Again will the Church forbid any targeted person from full standing in the Church.

2. ....or from any office, or position, or leadership in the Church

3. ....or forbid any TLGBQIA person from any ordinances or blessings.

4. ....nor will the Church  forbid,  via application of Doctrine, or Institutionally any targeted population, or perpetrate or acquiesce to any form of discrimination or bigotry.

5. Never again will the Church ever preach any bigotry or exclusion on any form.

6. Never again will the Church preach TRIUMPHALISM, or that we are the only true church, or that there is only one path to salvation.

7. Never again will the Church, because of GENDER IDENTITY, GENDER EXPRESSION, SEX, OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION, ever exclude people in any way, or view them doctrinally as inferior, in any way, or sinful in any way. We further declare, a Universal God-Given Human Right to full and complete Expression. Expression of all forms  of Gender Identity, all forms of medical steps to make the body congruet, including SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY, as well as all SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS, or lack therof.


I will further elaborate on Marriage Equality, and other issues in Part 4.



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