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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Letter the Mormons Should Have Read in Church Today, Part Two

(CONTINUING from part one, which covered Racism in the Church, and an admission  of guilt and appology)........

Second:  We acknowledge the extreme infidelity and Apostasy  that Brigham Young instituted with ending the progression of the Female Priestesshood. The bigotry of Sexism is not of God, and never will be. We come to you, the membership of the Church, as well as all former members, with sincere humility, and sorrow to plead for forgiveness for perpetrating the faulty, and indeed, sinful thinking of male supremacy. Males are in no way whatsoever superior to Females. Females are in no way whatsoever to be inferior, subservient, submissive, or dictated to males.

We acknowledge the extreme infedelity and apostasy in having the Church openly oppose the ERA. EQUAL Rights for all women, all Trans Women, and all Feminine identifying people has always been the will of God. The Church is guilty of subverting God, and following an Apostetic policy of ever treating women with less than total equality in all Church Standing, and all inclusion in the greater society. This is forever the will and command of God.

I'm accordance with this Proclamation on Female Equality, we hereby acknowledge and carry out the full policy and doctrines of total female equality, and ordained with all the rights, privileges, and standing in all Church callings, positions, power, and authority. No prophesy of God ever withheld these blessings, and acknowledge they should have been fundamental doctrines since the founding of the Church. To be clear, women, all women will have the opportunity to openly use the Priestesshood they already have. The Priestesshood is not ever to be, in lived experience and actual doctrine, inferior to the Priesthood, or ever thought of as such. Women will be called to the highest authority in the Church, including the Council of the Twelve Apostles, the First Presidency, and the President and Prophet of the Church. So say we one, so say we all.

In this spirit, we do hereby immediately dissolve the General Authorities positions, and total equity in all callings to come forth, being 11 women, and 10 men, in the new Council of the 21, and 3 women, and 1 man in the First Presidency,  and Equal Chance for women to hold the office of President and Prophetess. Simple majority will now be the order of consideration in all things, and the past demand of total unanimity will be forever done away with.

Therefore, the Church is drafting an Amicus Brief demanding the swift passage of the newly resurrected Equal Rights Amendment. We will put the full weight of the Church behind this effort, and proudly and openly encourage all members to organize and work hard for national passage, of the Equal Rights Amendment, which reads, "There shall be no discrimination based on sex, sex identity, gender, Gender identity or expression".

THIRD:   We acknowledge the extreme infidelity and apostasy, in the perpetration, and faulty thinking of Individualism, as well as Provident, Success, and Prosperity doctrines, and theologies. Classism is a bigotry that never came from God. No one will ever be thought of or judged favkratively because of ability to acquisition mammon. (Mammon being money) Money is the root of all evil, not the mere love of money. Money necessarily dichotomizes all people, which is always of the adversary.

No person shall ever be judged well, or poorly, bases on ability to perform in a Capitalist System, which is of the adversary. The Church rejects Capitalism, and will proceed to make amends in all its dealings.  Mammon is not of God, and never will be. Beholdeness to wealth is idolotry, and is of the adversary.

The Law of Tithing is to be shortlived. Forthcoming, the New United Order will be phased in. Until such time, the 10% flat rule of regressivity will be done away with. Such a 10% rule was never of God, and was a distranslation of the will of God. A new Progressive tithing will be in place, according to the ability to pay. If you have a low or no income, you will not be expected to pay anything. If you have higher incomes, you will be expected to pay 50, 60, and even 70% of your income. Tithing will apply to income, all increase, and total aggravate wealth. The idea that tithing is to be considered charitable giving, is not of God, and will be forever discontinued. In this vain, a Humanitarian Aid donation will be expected for full standing, and will be equal to all tithes offered. Additionally, outside Church, charitable giving will be compulsory.

Along the same type of bigotry is the idea of Nepotism and Leagacied leadership by virtue of family name. This was never from God, and will be forever discontinued. Legacy will have no bearing whatsoever in any calling, including all General Authority. All callings will come from all classes. God is no respector nor disrespector of person's, and neither will the Church be. A poor and destitute Church member will have the same opportunity and right to every calling, including President. Any member, from any country, Any race, class, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation will be considered for all offices.

We repudiate, renounce, and reject, the seeking of wealth, and the Classist system of trickle down social darwinism Bigotry in America and the World. As of today, all Church finances will be 100% transparent, and available to the General Public. 75% of all Church income will be uses for Humanitarian endeavors, in America, and throughout the world. 25% will go to the Church Welfare System. The Church will divest itself of Capitalist ventures, including Malls and businesses. All Church buildings and Temples will be funded through targeted donations by private individuals.

End of Part 2

Still to come, watch for;

Proclamations on Polygamy
Marriage and Family
TLGBQIA freedom and equlity


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