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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Letter That The Mormons Should Have Read In Church Today: Part 5; The NEW PROCLAMATION ON THE FAMILY

 And finally, we wish to declare the following:

We acknowledge that the Proclamation on the Family, from 1995, is wrong, sinful, and never was the word of God. This hateful document was used as a tool of such wickedness, exclusion, and bigotry, it is appalling. To use the document for the purpose of using it as a weapon of mass destruction, via disinformation, disaffirmation, disempowerment, disenfranchisement, difellowshiping, and excommunication of others, targeted for special discrimination, specifically, the TLGBQIA Community, has always been, is, and ever shall be the most diobolical, heinous, wicked, abhorrent, and a most unclean and show of infidelity to Gospel Principles imaginable. These sins will hemseforth be listed in the same catagorize as Murder, and Rape, in the Church Handbook of Instructions.

We completely, and unequivocally, disavow, rescind and recall all copies of, reject, repudiate, and formally renounce the 1995 Proclamation. With sincere humilty we appologize for its issuence, and adoption as doctrine and policy. It never had divine inspiration, and was wholecloth invented by the bigoted will of mistaken men.

In place of this abolished document, we declare the following as, a New Proclamation on the Family, to immediately be regarded as full canon law, and Doctrine.


The First Presidency, and Council of the 21 Apostles, do hereby solemnly proclaim this message as divinely inspired by God. We declare that the Family is ordained of God, and comes is myriad forms and identities. Any one human being is ordained, valid, worthy, and blessed family. Likewise, any 2 human beings are a family, as well, as 3, 4, 5, or more. Any two human beings above the age of 20, can enter into sacred, and governmental ordinaces of weddings, sealings, and marriages. Each and every one of these such relationships will be received in full standing, in lawful, and righteous unions, and marriages of couples, and Families. Any one person, over 20, can do the same with themselves, and marry themself. They are a family. To be clear, this includes all those formerly, and wrongfully, excluded Transgender, Transsexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, Asexual, or other Queer Community individuals, who will now be forming righteous and valid sealings and marriages. Cisgender and Heterosexual Marriages are never to be considered more valid, more righteous, more Godly, or otherwise superior, in any way whatsoever.

All human beings have a sex and a gender. Sex is that which is culturally construed as a label, according to our genitalia. The human body is not eternal, and will not be resurrected to the same sex they lived their lives on Earth. The Human body is a simple vessel, a symbiote, for the purpose of carrying the far more important gender of a person.

Gender is what is eternal, and what is a Temple, sacred and pure, not ones sex. Sex and Gender shall never be conflated, or seen as related in any way. There are Homo bodied persons, and Trans bodied persons, and they are as normal and valid as left and right handedness.

Gender is a Prime characteristic of every individual, in their premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. Gender is in ate to the sentience of a human being. It is that sentience that is a persons Temple, and the most sacred part of a person. The exact sentience/gender of a person on Earth, is what an ascended eternal individual will have forever. There is no such thing as being cured, fixed, repaired, counseled, or changed to a different gender.

Transgender Women will be resurrected to a female bodied ascended being. Transgender Men will be resurrected to a male bodied ascended being. Other circumstances will require the diversity from which they were created. Gender is uniquely created by God, and is never repeated. Having been approximately 210 Billion human beings every existing on Earth to date, there has been 210 billion different and unique genders.

Sex, on the other hand, is far more limited, and is finite. To date, there are a minimum of 68 sexes, chromosomially. Diversity and circumstances will require adjustments to policies, but all are valid, worthy, and Godly. Gender and Sex are created by God, for divine purposes, and are hard wired, and genetic.

TLGBQIA People are born of their mothers womb for the Kingdom of Heavens sake. TLGBQIA Peoplease have a special calling, blessing, and election, having been chosen from the most Valiant of the Spirit Children. They are those spoken of by God, "many are called, but few are chosen". Heavenly Mother and Father created each of us with special callings, blessings, and Talents.

Being Cisgender and/or Heterosexual is never to be considered a superior calling, or Talent. Being TLGBQIA is never to be considered or treated as inferior, or a curse of any kind. Being TLGBQIA is to be considered a special Talent, a special blessing, and sacred, to be forever celebrated and affirmed.

end of Part 5, The New Proclamation, part 1. There will be 3 more parts to come.

Always with Love,


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Letter That Should Have Been Read In Church Today: Part Four

Part 4, of a continuing series;

We further recognize and declare the extreme infidelity and apostasy the Church has perpetrated regarding Marriage and Family. 

Effective immediately, the 1995 Proclamation on Family is officially disavowed, rejected, renounced, and repudiated. Further remarks on that document and it's replacement will follow. 

We declare and admit that to ever exclude any family or couple from full standing and fellowship of the Church was, is, and always will be a sin of wickedness. We are sorry. We fully apologize for these bigoted actions and policies. 

To exclude others based on  i from God, but rather solely on disguised notions from the adversary, including cissexism, and heterosexism. This was and always be the epitome of being Un-Christlike. All of scripture and doctrine refutes the sinfully policy that we adhered to with rapacious indignation. 

We 1  that all doctrinal and policy exclusions of TLGBQIA People was and always will be wrong, and Un-Christlike. We seek only to be Christ-like. 

Therefore, effective immediately, all Church Buildings, Temples, and resources will be available for the performance of all ordinaces, weddings, marriages, and sealingshe to all monogamous couples. Total Marriage Freedom and Marriage Equality will be Celebrated for all couples who are, or identify in any of the TLGBQIA and Queer Spectrum and Universe throughout the Church is now absolute Canon, Doctrine, Policy, Practice, and Lived Experience. No conditions or exclusions will be tolerated, and will be grounds for excommunication.

The Theology of Marriage is something that Christ himself, refuted. It is something that has been invented by human beings, and not God. The definitions have continuously changed in every generation.  The Theology of Marriage Supremacy, and the sinfulmess of TLGBQIA ifentities, and the acting upon them as being a sin, was, is, and ever shall be extreme infidelity to the teachings and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We declare with all humilty, and supplication do proclaim our deepest sorrow, regret, and apology for this sinfulness and apostasy we perpetrated for far too long. It was never right to do, not ever. We are sorry and ask for forgiveness, which we must earn, by the lived experiences of those we marginalized. 

In accordance with each of these Proclamations, we will interview the entire membership for approval, acceptance, and celebration. Any member found to be disbelieving or in any disagreement with all, or any portion of this Public Letter, Proclamation, will be immediately excommunicated. 

We further declare some changes as follows. The names of the Church Universities with be scrapped, and disavowed. The First School was Ricks College, and changed to BUU-IDAHO, will revert to Ricks University. The second school, BYU-Provo will become Deseret University. The third school, BYU-Hawaii, will become Pacific University of the Saints.

The Church will immediately cease all affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America. A suitable alternative scouting program for boys will be found, until then, "Achievement Days" will now be for boys. Girls will be able to join Girl Scouts of America, as the Church formally squires ties to this wonderful organization.

A gender neutral restroom will be fitted in every Church building. All members will unconditionally be able to access the bathroom of the sex and gender they identify.

The practice of sanctioning, shaming, and difellowshiping members will be discontibued. No one shall ever again be asked not to partake of the Sacrament, or not to speak in Church, or not to offer prayers, or teatimonies, or refrain from attending Sunday School, Relief Society/Priestesshood or Priesthood. All members will be equal, and have full standing. No one will be respected or disrespected. No one will ever be forbade from Coming Unto Christ.

Women can now serve missions at 18, and for 2 years.

The Church stands in Favor of the ERA, and will make efforts to ensure its swift passage.

The Church disavows all opposition to abortion and a woman's sovereign right to control her own body. The Church will ensure abortion stays safe and legal.

The Church disavows all opposition to birth control.

The Church disavows all opposition to cremation.

The Church disavows, renounces and repudiates the baptism by proxy of unrelated individuals who are deceased, unsolicited individuals, or individuals that are deceased and have not asked for it, or the family or Church objects.

The Church disavows, rejects, repudiates, and renounces all notions of supremacism and triumphalism. The Church is a good and AFFIRMATIONAL PATH, but it is far from being the ONLY path.

The Church drops all affiliations with the Republican Party, the Tea Party, or Conservativism. The Church formally rejects, repudiates, and renounces any and all suggestions to vote for the Republican Party, in any election, past, present, or future.

This is the beginning,  not the end. We have much to atone for. These are but a few of the great sins we have committed, but ask that you give us a second chance. We formally invite all those who have left the Church, to come back, and join with us in this sacred effort to leave OUR APOSTETIC State, and Renew, Reform, Restore, and Re-found the Church.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

End of part 4.

In Part 5, a replacement for the 1995 Family Proclamation.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Letter the Mormons Should Have Read in Church Today: Part Three

This is the third installment of my series focusing on the formal declaration letter the Mormon Church had had read in Church the last couple of weeks since Marriage Freedom became legal.

The Church just can't stand that they got their Political Partisan Perpetrations and Intrusions asses handed to them by the majority of evidenced by their steaming pile of crap insolence, indicative of going ALL-IN to bigotry in a very public way. They are fully an apostate church, that speaks with a guileful, hypocritical, and infidel heart and mind, with declared policy.

In part one, I gave the formal preface, and covered appologies for being a bigoted church, and a promise to forego such wickedness in the future. I went on to discuss the filthy RACIST PAST AND PRESENT OF THE CHURCH, and a promise to change, with RADICAL INCLUSION.

In part 2, I went on to discuss the extreme abomination o Church SEXISM IN THE PAST AND PRESENT, the falacy of PROSPERITY DOCTRINE, CAPITALISM, AND CLASSISM.

HERE IS Part three:

FOURTH;  WE acknowledge the  extreme infidelity and apostasy of Polygamy, and plural Bigamy. This notion was never from God to be practiced at any time in the current era, or ever in the future.

Polygamy was, is, and forever will be a grievous sin, and will never be tolerated. We hereby reject, repudiate, and renounce all past and present practice of this sin, by the church, and all it's members who ever engaged in it. We further renounce all ties and associations with cults and compounds that practice polygamy.

FIFTH;  WE fully recognize what has caused our epiphany, and unanimous mighty change of heart. We seek to align with what Jesus, and Heavenly Parents have always wanted for us. The Approval of TLGBQIA being able to be legally married in America has been the spark. We finally see the light. We seek, and promise to reject, repudiate, and renounce all past, present, and future bigotry of any stripe.

We hereby recognize the FREEDOM TO MARRY, and will make every effort to ensure that every human being has and is afforded this God-given basic human right.

We, with all humilty, and supplication to the Lord, say, WE ARE SORRY AS A CHURCH, COLLECTIVELY, AND INDIVIDUALLY, to have ever been in the business of bigotry targeted specifically towards our Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual people all over the world, by all members, and the Official Church, toward our beautiful and Godly Queer Community.

We are sorry. We are truly sorry, and we hereby formally appologise, and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

We recognize that as a Church, we were committing and perpetrating grave infidelity and apostasy. To be beholden to RADICAL EXCLUSION, DENIGRATION, DISCRIMINATION, INTOLERANCE, SHAMING, FEAR, HATE, CISSEXISM, AND HETEROSEXISM ALWAYS WAS, IS, AND EVER SHALL BE THE MOST WICKED OF SINS. Such sins will now be grouped with "Murder, and Rape"

We recognize that all TLGBQIA people, are children of God, and will now have the opportunity to marry, and have weddings, IN THE TEMPLE, and in all Church buildings, for the sacred ordinances to be given to these kind and loving human beings.

Furthermore, God never gave such a command or prophesy to the Church or anyone to act in this bigoted, exclusionary way. God never gave us the excuse to orchestrate, and perpetrate such an evil policy, in the Church, or in any Government. No religion, and not the Mormon Church has any right to USURP THE FREE AGENCY OF EVERYONE, AND FORCIBLY CO-OPT THEM IN THE CHURCH VIA ALL CODIFICATION EFFORTS, AND GOVERNMENT POLICY.

We further recognise, that this bigoted and evil policy has effectively CAUSED A GENOCIDE, among the membership of the Church, and society at large. We acknowledge that the Mormon Church is complicit in the deaths of countless thousands of TLGBQIA people. We must repent as a Church, and every member that held such bigoted beliefs, must also repent. A new Temple Recommend question will include the following;  Have you ever acted on the evil policy of excluding TLGBQIA people from Church, or from EQUAL RIGHTS IN SOCIETY. Have you ever ostrasized a child from your home, for being an TLGBQIA CHILD OF GOD.

It was extreme bigotry and absence of godliness, along with Apostasy, and Infidelity, of all Prophets, Presidents, and General Authority to authorize and write into Church Policy, anti TLGBQIA propaganda, literature, and pamphlets, to shame them, and inhibit them from coming out and embracing their salvation of finally being absent all guile, and of all lying, and bearing false witness about themselves. We acknowledge that this directly caused the death of thousands.

We are sorry, and ask for forgiveness.

It was extreme infidelity and apostasy to target TLGBQIA people, or their Allies, for disfellowship, or excommunicatuon, or otherwise sactioned such individuals, or threatened them that they quit, or resigned from the Church.

The following PROCLAMATION ON TOTAL CECATION OF ALL BIGOTRY IN THE CHURCH will immediately take effect;

1. Never Again will the Church forbid any targeted person from full standing in the Church.

2. ....or from any office, or position, or leadership in the Church

3. ....or forbid any TLGBQIA person from any ordinances or blessings.

4. ....nor will the Church  forbid,  via application of Doctrine, or Institutionally any targeted population, or perpetrate or acquiesce to any form of discrimination or bigotry.

5. Never again will the Church ever preach any bigotry or exclusion on any form.

6. Never again will the Church preach TRIUMPHALISM, or that we are the only true church, or that there is only one path to salvation.

7. Never again will the Church, because of GENDER IDENTITY, GENDER EXPRESSION, SEX, OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION, ever exclude people in any way, or view them doctrinally as inferior, in any way, or sinful in any way. We further declare, a Universal God-Given Human Right to full and complete Expression. Expression of all forms  of Gender Identity, all forms of medical steps to make the body congruet, including SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY, as well as all SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS, or lack therof.


I will further elaborate on Marriage Equality, and other issues in Part 4.



Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Letter the Mormons Should Have Read in Church Today, Part Two

(CONTINUING from part one, which covered Racism in the Church, and an admission  of guilt and appology)........

Second:  We acknowledge the extreme infidelity and Apostasy  that Brigham Young instituted with ending the progression of the Female Priestesshood. The bigotry of Sexism is not of God, and never will be. We come to you, the membership of the Church, as well as all former members, with sincere humility, and sorrow to plead for forgiveness for perpetrating the faulty, and indeed, sinful thinking of male supremacy. Males are in no way whatsoever superior to Females. Females are in no way whatsoever to be inferior, subservient, submissive, or dictated to males.

We acknowledge the extreme infedelity and apostasy in having the Church openly oppose the ERA. EQUAL Rights for all women, all Trans Women, and all Feminine identifying people has always been the will of God. The Church is guilty of subverting God, and following an Apostetic policy of ever treating women with less than total equality in all Church Standing, and all inclusion in the greater society. This is forever the will and command of God.

I'm accordance with this Proclamation on Female Equality, we hereby acknowledge and carry out the full policy and doctrines of total female equality, and ordained with all the rights, privileges, and standing in all Church callings, positions, power, and authority. No prophesy of God ever withheld these blessings, and acknowledge they should have been fundamental doctrines since the founding of the Church. To be clear, women, all women will have the opportunity to openly use the Priestesshood they already have. The Priestesshood is not ever to be, in lived experience and actual doctrine, inferior to the Priesthood, or ever thought of as such. Women will be called to the highest authority in the Church, including the Council of the Twelve Apostles, the First Presidency, and the President and Prophet of the Church. So say we one, so say we all.

In this spirit, we do hereby immediately dissolve the General Authorities positions, and total equity in all callings to come forth, being 11 women, and 10 men, in the new Council of the 21, and 3 women, and 1 man in the First Presidency,  and Equal Chance for women to hold the office of President and Prophetess. Simple majority will now be the order of consideration in all things, and the past demand of total unanimity will be forever done away with.

Therefore, the Church is drafting an Amicus Brief demanding the swift passage of the newly resurrected Equal Rights Amendment. We will put the full weight of the Church behind this effort, and proudly and openly encourage all members to organize and work hard for national passage, of the Equal Rights Amendment, which reads, "There shall be no discrimination based on sex, sex identity, gender, Gender identity or expression".

THIRD:   We acknowledge the extreme infidelity and apostasy, in the perpetration, and faulty thinking of Individualism, as well as Provident, Success, and Prosperity doctrines, and theologies. Classism is a bigotry that never came from God. No one will ever be thought of or judged favkratively because of ability to acquisition mammon. (Mammon being money) Money is the root of all evil, not the mere love of money. Money necessarily dichotomizes all people, which is always of the adversary.

No person shall ever be judged well, or poorly, bases on ability to perform in a Capitalist System, which is of the adversary. The Church rejects Capitalism, and will proceed to make amends in all its dealings.  Mammon is not of God, and never will be. Beholdeness to wealth is idolotry, and is of the adversary.

The Law of Tithing is to be shortlived. Forthcoming, the New United Order will be phased in. Until such time, the 10% flat rule of regressivity will be done away with. Such a 10% rule was never of God, and was a distranslation of the will of God. A new Progressive tithing will be in place, according to the ability to pay. If you have a low or no income, you will not be expected to pay anything. If you have higher incomes, you will be expected to pay 50, 60, and even 70% of your income. Tithing will apply to income, all increase, and total aggravate wealth. The idea that tithing is to be considered charitable giving, is not of God, and will be forever discontinued. In this vain, a Humanitarian Aid donation will be expected for full standing, and will be equal to all tithes offered. Additionally, outside Church, charitable giving will be compulsory.

Along the same type of bigotry is the idea of Nepotism and Leagacied leadership by virtue of family name. This was never from God, and will be forever discontinued. Legacy will have no bearing whatsoever in any calling, including all General Authority. All callings will come from all classes. God is no respector nor disrespector of person's, and neither will the Church be. A poor and destitute Church member will have the same opportunity and right to every calling, including President. Any member, from any country, Any race, class, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation will be considered for all offices.

We repudiate, renounce, and reject, the seeking of wealth, and the Classist system of trickle down social darwinism Bigotry in America and the World. As of today, all Church finances will be 100% transparent, and available to the General Public. 75% of all Church income will be uses for Humanitarian endeavors, in America, and throughout the world. 25% will go to the Church Welfare System. The Church will divest itself of Capitalist ventures, including Malls and businesses. All Church buildings and Temples will be funded through targeted donations by private individuals.

End of Part 2

Still to come, watch for;

Proclamations on Polygamy
Marriage and Family
TLGBQIA freedom and equlity


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Letter the Mormons Should Have Read In Church Today, Part One

This is the letter that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints SHOULD Have Read last week, today, or next week. (NOT the one going All-In to Bigotry)

To:  An Open Letter to All General Authorities,, Presidencies, and all Auxiliary Leaders, and all Membership,  of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Dear Sisters, Gender Non-Conforming people, and Brothers,

In response to the collective Church-Wide Faulty Thinking, Faulty Application of Doctrine in Church Policies, and Overall Perpetration of Bigotry in All of Church History.

We are so very sorry, and we apologize for every misdeed. We aim to now make ammends:

Because of the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court, and of virtually all the advanced world, that has finally recognized the Freedom Marriage for all people, the Council of the First Presidency, and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has received the following revelations to be issued as Proclamations to the World, and official Church Doctrine.
As we do so, we encourage all to consider these teachings in the context of the Sacred Plan of Happiness, that applies to all people equally, unequivocally, and without hesitation or conditions. We further recognize that a Church that claims to follow Jesus, as we do, can no longer, in practice, follow the teachings and Plan of Lucifer, and Call it A New Hope, the Plan of Jesus. For the Plan of Jesus and Salvation is the full expression of Free Will, Ftee Agency, adherence to true and authentic identity, and to never compell others Conscience or Worship, or withhold anyone from such. The Plan of Lucifer is to Usurp the Free Will and Agency of others, to compell others to live a guileful life of a Fake Human Being, to lie and bear false witness of our identities.

As a Church, we hereby restate that it is the intent, and forever shall be, to live the Salvational Plan our Heavenly Mother and Father chose for us, being the Plan of Jesus, and not Lucifer.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as of July 5, 2015, do hereby RENOUNCE, REPUDUATE, AND REJECT, ALL PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE BIGOTRY. We cannot, and will no more participate in, perpetrate, or stand idly by in acquiesce to any bigotry. Bigotry is unbecoming, and is anathema to being a Child of God, and incompatible with living a Christ-like life. Bigotry is repugnant, and anathema to everything we wish to stand for.

It is in solemn humilty, and heavy heart, with deep sorrow and resentment, that we now must recognize our many sins of the past. It is with Pride, we shall lift our heads in happiness for a forgiving future, that we may pay recompense for the incredible harm, and genocide we have caused.

FIRST: We acknowledge the extreme infidelity that Brigham Young acted with, in great Apostasy, in instituting, and starting institutional and complete overt RACISM in the Church. There was never a place for racist White Supremacy in the Church, and therenounce never will be. Targeting Blacks for special discrimination and inferiority was never from God, and never will be. We are deeply sorry for these sick, heinous, and abominable acts, beliefs and policies.

We further acknowledge that there was no such prophesy  from God, in 1978, to suddenly end racism doctrinally. The never was such approval by God to begin being racist. God has withheld much of the Blessings from the Church until recent times because of this. We have much to atone for.

END OF Part One.

Stay tuned for A multitude of Proclamations that are part of this letter, meant to be read all at once...... (You ain't seen nothing yet)

I will address the SEXISM of the Church,
CIS GENDERism and Trans Bigotry
HETEROSEXISM  and Anti Lesbian  and Gay Bigotry
and others..