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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Marriage Equality & Biblical Family Values

So, we just got the freedom to do what has been right forever. The fact that we needed to have this basic human right bestowed upon us by a bunch of authorized cishet is preposterous. We all nerd to get a grip on life here, and ac knowledge all the human rights that exist FOR ALL.

Contemplating marriage this weekend, I really wanted to make this Historic Day, even more remarkable by announcing my wedding, with my fiancè.  I've thought about this even more, as I prayed and studied.

I was astonished to realize that I have been utterly lied to all my life. I chuckled and groaned everyone my girlfriend talked about, "there is no such thing as marriage ever mentioned in the Bible". I was not only wrong, but gravely wrong
 Turns out my wonderful, Lucrezia, is absolutely right.....about everything. I have even more Sapiosexual Attraction to her.....that's attraction to intelligence in others, for all the erotic-centric folks.

How could this be? I was taught that marriage wasringback a sacred covenant, that it is the reason for the law of chastity to even exist. You know, the thing Mormons use to filter out those they deem as unworthy, the ones The PLAN OF HAPPINESS does not apply to. It is their way of avoiding the plain as day reality, that they are a grossly bigoted church. With this new reality, they have nothing to hide behind. Millions of TLGBQIA couples are fully abiding and living the law of chastity now.

So this has caused the church to go into it's regressive reactionary mode. Saying that the church has not changed its mind on marriage. But that is a stark lie. They  have now gone ALL-IN to publicly being a bigoted church, by changing the DISapplicatin of doctrine by announcing to the world that The Gospel, and the Plan of Happiness cannot be lived by TLGBQIA People, and IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM.

For the very first time, the Mormon Church has publicly recognized they are bigoted, and are cisgender, heterosexual supremacists. That we are to be judged by them, excluded, ostrasized, and excommunicated by them
 That we are to be deemed 3/5ths of a human being and excluded from full standing. They really don't even want us coming through the door

Because the General Authority was made aware that I was a Woman who held the Priesthood, they ordered my local leaders to sanction me. My Stake President saw fit to bring me in his office and tell me to my face I am a Korihor. He proceeded to read me the Korihor passages in the Book of Mormon. For those not familiar, Korihor was an Anti-Christ, who was getting personal revelations from Lucifer and his associates. He went on to accuse me of being an Anti-Christ. This coming from a man, who for a year, sat with me in Relief Society, and moving me to full fellowship as a Woman attending Priesthood. The Church shit their pants on that one. They put me all over the news to set me up for failure.

My SP was now to my face telling me I'M an Anti-Christ, and all my personal revelations in the Celestial Room of the Temple, all my personal revelations in Sacrament, that I am completely and utterly female, that I always have been, and will be eternally female, my resurrection will be as a female, that all of this was given to me by Lucifer. I was beyond mortified. I felt I was just killed. Like my fiancè being continuously killed every day by her parents and family, from an Pentecostal Four Square background, telling her she was possessed by the devil, and needed it beaten out of her. Permanent physical and mental scars are her memories of her bio family.

My Stake President continued to lay out new ground rules for me. I was to not partake of Sacrament, I was never to speak, or read scripture, never bear my testimony, never pray, never attend the 2nd or 3rd hour of church, and never use any bathroom. "Thus is not a disfellowship", he said.

Now I have my basic human right  restored to me (like anyone had the right to steal it from me), I know I cannot marry on my own lifelong church. It hits me further that I have been lied to about everything concerning marriage.

Christians and the Mormons have made up everything about marriage from whole cloth. No where in the Bible, does the word "M--A--R--R--I--A--G--E"  exist! Nowhere, Nada, nothing. All bull-shit. The concept never even appears. And nobody can convince me that a ceremony for A man and wife, is anything to do with marriage. Anybody can have a party and self proclaim them self the owner of a wife.....the concept that existed for thousands of years. A wedding is not a marriage. Come on all you biblical literalists! You're going to cherry pick your symbolism now. I got news for you, that mouthwash ain't makin it.

It goes back to Adam and Eve. All the talking points the Radical Right Wingers spew, from their forked tongues, about not being Adam and Steve. All complete bunk. They were never married. Never happened.  These Evango-Nazis and Christo-Fascists, use the Bible to prop up their conservative ideology of prejudices and bigotries. They harp on Biblical Family Values, as if the Bible has a clear message on marriage and sexuality. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Let's be clear. There is no such thing as biblical family values, because the bible never does address the topic clearly, neither does it address it consistently. If you consider the men with 40 wives, and 100 does this have anything to do with marriage? It certainly does not, as it is the epitome of libidinousness, and liscentiousness. Craven lust, and slavery. Such heroes are guilty of the most wicked whoredomes. No marriage ever existed for any of those women, neither was there a wedding.

JESUS NEVER MARRIED.  Just think about. The most important concept in all of Christianity, arguably is, the fact that Jesus is the only perfect example from a mortal being. He showed us all that ever needs to be done to gain salvation. He did not have a wedding, he did not say he had a wife, he did not have a marriage. Yet, wee know that he was sexualy active, from the books the ideologically slanted men from the Apostasy, tried to hide from us, with hundreds of ungodly councils and creeds, and make disappear. BUT God gave them back to us.

Jesus said to abandon all domestic and household concerns, and simply follow him. This means everything to do with being married as being pointless, and unnecessary. Nowhere does Jesus ever mention marriage, or that even the concept is a good thing.

We know from Matt.19:10-13, that there are Eunuchs born of their mothers womb. Tranagender, and all TLGBQIA People are made exactly perfect from God. We are who we are supposed to be. We also learn that some people make themselves Eunuchs,  for the purpose of gaining salvation....Jesus is saying all this! This is the biggest repudiation of the concept of marriage, and never any of the bibles have endorsements of marriage.....let alone 'ringing' ones.

Paul encouraging all of us, in 1Cor.7:27, NOT TO BE SEEKING A WIFE.

Why do modern Christians think the Bible, endorses 19th Century, Bogus, Feigned, Family Values. The Bible fully endorses some of the most heinous sexuality ever imagined. In Duet. 13:30, a man is obliged to keep a NEW wife, if the one wife displeases him on the wedding night.  A man must marry a woman he has raped. The right of men to rape their slaves.

Have the Biblical Family Values ever even read their Bible? I have to think that in no way whatsoever have they ever attempted it. What they do have is an agreed upon list of cherry-picking talking points, which are all DIS interpreted, figments of their imaginations to fit their Conservative ideology.... thinking it to legitimize all their bigotries and supremacisms. They really do think their shit don't stink. I feel so much pity for them. Burdened to think they are supposed to do the job of God, to do the judging of all of us. Self Divinating themselves the authority to do so.

In thinking about how I now feel about this great and historic day of freedom and Equality with everything MARRIAGE, and about my own impending wedding and marriage. I think about how I was lied to all my life. Despite there being no Biblical basis to back up and legitimize marriage, I feel stronger than ever that Marriage is the grrates and most moral and wholesome beneficence to society. Because it is a man-made invention, and comes nothing from religion. This is wonderful news, not a devastation. All the world can partake of this if they want to. No Mormon Church can tell me I can't be fact, they can't tell me I can't get sealed.  We are now told, by the General Authority in Salt Lake, that the Church can never compell us to believe or disbelieve anything. This is also quite historic and hopeful. They announced, that we do not need to be in unanimous agreement on everytbing, that they can only attempt to PURSUED any of us through love unfeigned and gentle loving kindness. Hallelujah! The Church FINALLY read it's own doctrinal filter....D&C 134, and our 13 Articles of Faith.....that we never have a right to usurp anyone's free agency, neither compell them in any way whatsoever, to believe any certain thing, or worship a certain way. They have opened the door to new PROPHESIES,  that will magically spring forth when our Tax Exempt status is threatened.....that's how we expelled our racial bigotry against Blacks, in tbeory.....though we have attempted little to nothing to adress the fundamental racism still in the church.

All in all. Things are not so bad. Things are changing for the better. The WORLD IS GOING AHEAD AND BUILDING ZION....making heaven a place on earth. Never before have so many good and wonderful people been doing so much good in the world. I have never been so happy in all my life. Things are getting better. Things are getting better every day.

My best wishes to all of you for staying with me in my long hiatus. I am still alive.....and I guarantee you, I am still going FULL--GO--AT--THROTTLE--UP!



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