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Saturday, April 13, 2013

IT IS FINISHED: No One Speaks My Language

I posted this as a status, but I feel I should have it on record here. I need to record more of my true feelings, and this bears some of them out. The picture is from last Sunday, after attending Church the first time as myself, part 1, at the UUC of Akron. Part 2 will be my first time at an LDS Ward. Part 3 will be my fist time at my new, forthcoming home Ward in Portland. Anyhoo, the wind is blowing up my skirt, and I feel so nice.

So, today is the 13th of April. In exactly one month I will be 50! But it will really be the First birthday I can celebrate as myself. I feel like I'm only 15, or 17, sometimes 13 or 19, but never 50, 40 or even 30. I know I'm really broken, and that I haven't lived as any human has lived for far too long.

I was upstairs today, to fix myself something to eat. I could hear my family watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in the living room. I popped in there, as I usually do, because i never ignore my family. I said, "Hello", and they were all stone faced on the couch. My soon to be "ex" wife, and 2 of my 3 daughters. They said nothing to me. They always pause the TV anytime I come around, like I am interrupting their lives, like a pest, a parasite, a huge bother. They said nothing back this time. Not even a peep! IT IS FINISHED!! I have no Family, and maybe never did. I tell you, no one should ever be made to feel as I did today.

I have been through the windshield of a car, and I would rather do that again, than experience such a repudiation from people I love and care about. It just really really hurts. My heart is dying because it has too much unused, and unshared love. I feel it rotting, and decaying my heart and soul. I'm forgetting how to love and how to be human. My facade is hiding such pain and sorrow, I can barely contain it.

Saturday evenings should be with family and friends. I haven't shared couples friendships for 20 years. I so miss the fun and games we had for the first 5 years of our marriage. Everyone knew to be our friends for the most enjoyable evenings, whether it was family and neighborhood street hockey tournaments (I have 40 sticks, and jerseys), hiking in the Cascades, pic-nicking on the Pacific Beaches, craming for a drive in movie, playing Monopoly or Risk or Take Off all night long, dinner parties....these are all things humans do. I have not had the life of a human for far too long.

Today I learned my Love Language is Touch and Quality Time, both the highest. This proves I have been unable to even speak my language to anybody on this Earth. I am a foreigner who cannot be understood by anyone. I am a freak, i am a creep, and i am alone. I've let 2 decades pass without Touch or Quality Time, or even Affirmation, my secondary language. Love, Empathy, Compassion, and understanding are my core values. Some of you have messaged me recently remarking how amazingly full of those things I am. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness you show me. Without those kind affirmations in my life, I would truly be sinking into depression and despair. Just today, your words have saved my life. For if I didn't know it before, I know it now....It Is Finished. I have no family.

My Dear Best Friend and my Sister sent me a card yesterday. It says on the front..."Friends are family You Choose For Yourself". I am choosing very wisely, for my family that I now discern, I would not trade for anything in the world. You mean so much to me, I need to cry, for It makes me so happy to have you in my life. I hurt so bad, but feel so good. CONUNDRUM.

I am glad to have received those kind messages, and friendly chats. It put me in the mood I needed to be in to start my Fast, for my friend. I started a 50 Day Fast for her to get spinal surgery, and for her to recover from it. This will be Day 37, my 7th official day, and 10th overall. I have about 20 people helping me, and a growing group. It has spawned a real movement, FASTING FOR FRIENDS AND DIVINE PURPOSES, a facebook group and page and event. My Group TRANSGENDER MORMONS AND ALLIES has been growing and expanding too. I am so proud of what we are doing and of what we are capable of doing. I invite all of you to join me in both these forums.

I hope you are having a wonderful evening, and a fabulous weekend.

All My Love and Tenderness,


********************************************************************************   FASTING FOR FRIENDS AND DIVINE PURPOSES , facebook group.  facebook Page  Continuous 50 Day Fast For Julia Taylor, EVENT


Please consider this your invitation to join all of my groups. You don't have to be a Mormon, just a friend. In my Trans Group, I hope you would at a minimum, be an Ally to the Transgender/Transsexual community.

Between now and my Birthday, May 13, I will have begun my Walkabout: My Epic Journey of Self Discovery. I will have transitioned to Full Time as myself, and I will have begun meeting my friends, virtually all of you for the First time. Although we have not met, I know we are Family. I am very excited about my new life and all the possibilities.

I want to have most of my route planned out before I leave, so i can give everyone dates to plan for my arrival. If you want to see me, let me know please, because i definitely want to see you, and will make every effort to do so. Me tentative plan is to leave in Early May and head straight from Akron, to Kansas City. From there, possibly to Lawton, Oklahoma, or Colorado. From there to Utah in late May, and Pride. Leaving Utah in early June to SE Idaho, June 7-13, Boise, June 14-23, and Boise pride June 15, Northern California in late June and San Francisco Pride, and to Portland to settle by mid July. Everything is subject to change as my job situation in Oregon requires. If any of these places or my routes are going to take me anywhere near you, please let me know, as I will need rides to each place I am traveling, I may not be able to afford bus, unless i get an unlimited pass.

I have a site at GoFundMe, which is my fundraiser to help me go to these Conferences to educate myself about trans issues and LGBT issues so I Can work full time on LGBT Civil Rights, which I know is my calling. I need help going to these conferences and Pride Activities and to help me relocate to Oregon, and start my new life, for the First time as my Best True Self. Please consider helping me:   This is the link to my fundraiser for helping me out  with my Walkabout, Trans-Conferences, Pride, and relocation.

Thank you for your consideration, and even if you can't help me out today, just being my friend means a lot to me. I am so very grateful to have all of you in my life.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Life is moving incredibly fast these past few weeks. My dear friend is posting some of my latest "Life Events" from Facebook in her wonderful blog, Poetry San Onions, which I hope you will join and follow. I posted the link below, and I hope you will check out part 2 of my Easter Holiday Events.

Last week was my Church's Semi Annual World Conference, so I started a new tradition of attending other Churches on those days. I took up the offer of a friend I made while working on the campaign for President Barack Obama, on the Akron Strike Team. She attends the Akron Unitarian Universalist Church. She was delighted to follow through and take me. I have to say it was one of the single most memorable Church experiences I have ever had, not least of importance was that it was the first time attending Church as myself. I will blog about that day later. I also posted a "Life Event" for that experience and copied it as a status.

I have been hard at work trying to organize my basement, which I will be abandoning in about 3 short weeks forever. My days of only being myself when I'm in a hole, six feet under, are numbered, and the Final Countdown has begun. When I emerge, walk out that door, and board that bus, it will be as me, forever and always. No one will know me as "Bob". I will be free to be me. I will be the same person, sans the guileful fake human being. All the same experiences, all the same relationships....still a Father, still a ex-Husband, still a Soldier, still a former Brother, now a Sister, still a Priesthood holder, still a planter and steward of a 40 acre Forest (mailed back my Eagle Award, but proud of what I accomplished), still a Hockey Player and sports fan, still a lifelong Democrat and Political Campaigner, Organizer and Activist, still a lifelong member of NOW, and still a Board member on community boards.

I look forward to being everything I know I can be. I feel my life has yet to even really fully begin, having been permanently inhibited from fully killer frosts every Spring denying the beautiful flower from ever reaching her full potential. NOT THIS YEAR. This is really happening. There was no killer inhibiting frost this year. I am not snow bound. I am not stuck in ice. But even if I were....I would man-haul my transition sledge for as many miles as it took to do what I am doing. I have left my "Elephant Island", I have made it to my "South Georgia Island" crossed the mountain range and to the Whaling Station. I am on my way back to all those I left behind, so that I could become who I truly am. My Crew, My Cadre, My Family, I will be returning to you, I will be meeting you all in a matter of weeks. It will be a true beginning, it will be amazing, it will be meet each and every one of you. I love all of you so much, and I will not lose one of you.....FOR IT IS YOU, WHO HAVE RESCUED ME.

Click this link and read more about my latest experience: