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Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have had this esoteric notion in my head for quite some time now. It may seem quite bizarre at first glance, but believe me, the more I think about it, the more plausible it seems. I'm on several forums now, several of which I have just been introduced to by remarkable friends. I was commenting on several threads, and my idea kept coming up with major relevance to what I was discussing. I didn't elaborate too much, because it wasn't my thread or place.  I'm sure you will fall into one of two camps on this. Either you will find this intriguing, or you will find it nonsense. Regardless, I hope you don't quit me over this. I only posit this as one persons hypothesis, and it is not intended to represent the views of my Church, or any Church I am aware of. Neither is it representative of any ideology of any party or community that I belong to.

But before I elaborate any further, it is Thanksgiving Night, and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and let everyone know that I am grateful for so much in my life today. The Holidays are upon us and they provide a time for us to reflect on the recent past, and have we accomplished anything that we set out to do at the beginning of the year. I for one am extremely pleased at what I have accomplished, and the trail I have blazed into this undiscovered country.  I am thankful for my life, and I am thankful that I am a Transgender Woman. I am thankful I am a Transsexual Woman. I am so very thankful for my online "Electric" friends, for you accept me, love me, have empathy for me, and show so much compassion for me it touches my heart and soul so deeply, it gives me a vast reserve of courage, strength, happiness, enjoyment, and endurance. My Electric Friends ARE my real friends, because I have Electric Dreams:
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So, this is my unique, at least I have never heard of it before, idea about the nature of what constitutes harmonious human existence. We have the aspects of what makes us who we are, and here is where some of you will cry foul, but I'm asking you to withhold judgement for a moment. It is my faith belief that we have a spirit and a soul, from which I add into the mix of what makes us who we are. We have a mind, a brain, that is made up of elements that cause it either to be more female or more male. We have a heart, which is influenced by our emotions and hormones. We have a body, which usually, is genitally marked a certain sex. Most of our Earth culture, but not all, expects us each to fully comply with what the bodies genitals came with, and live our lives in inhibited confined "sex" boxes, with no accounting for discontinuity or incongruency of the elements that make us who we are. Additionally we have a spirit body and a soul, which, in my belief, were created before we came here on Earth, and are our perfect true selves. These are all important aspects of who and what we are. Of the some 110-220 Billion people that have already existed, it is a certainty that not everything lined up perfectly every time for these elements and aspects of our being. Some things fail, some things get switched around , some things get juxteposed, some things get reversed. That is not to say that anything ever goes wrong. No human being is ever wrong. A different human being is not a wrong or disordered human being. Different is just that, different. It is perfectly valid to be different, because there are no mistakes when it comes to our existence...there is no garbage!

Where I part from majority thinking is that I do not believe our essence should be beholden to our bodies. I have come to this way of thinking on myriad levels. For one, I think a fetus does not have a spirit enter it until birth. If this was not true, my Church would tell me all Abortion is murder, but instead the exact opposite is true. We believe that much abortion is unnecessary, but that none of it constituted murder, although some members would like to have it labeled such. Secondly, I have visually witnessed and received personal revelation that an advanced fetus never was a human being, and never had a spirit (this is too intimate, and macabre to elaborate further here). My mother personally accounted for more than 30 miscarriages, none of them having spirits. No, I do not have 30-40 siblings waiting for me. Stunningly, my mother is yet another witness for my reasoning, as upon her death additional information came to light which I cannot divulge here.

My sister is a source for further confirmation. Having discharged my dad's 22 cal. pistol into her head, she , being a healthy vibrant young lady, remained with a beating heart, and supposedly alive. Having rushed from Corvallis, Oregon to Bellingham, Washington and finding her in the hospital, hooked up to machines, I asked my family to leave me alone in the room with her. I prayed intently, and blessed her, laying my hands upon her, I hugged her and kissed her. I then received revelation that she was not even in the room. She was not only dead, but she had long since moved on, and my attempts to pray for her and bless her were vain and fruitless. I truly believe the spirit not only enters the body later than many people believe, but much sooner than we believe.

During our lifetimes many of our bodies are wasted or otherwise destroyed, yet we are promised resurrections to perfect bodies. All this combined is enough for me to conclude that this beholdeness to the body, this worship of the body, is not a true principle. I propose that the body is merely a vessel, that the true essence of who we are merely uses, albeit temporarily at that. The true essence of who we are is made up of our minds, which are eternal, our hearts (emotions, psyche), which are eternal, our spirit and souls, which are eternal. The Proclamation states that is GENDER (and not sex), which is of sacred divine origin, and I wholeheartedly agree. But ones temporary body does in no way dictate who or what any of the eternal aspects are. Many people are blessed with complete harmony and identity is never an issue. Others are blessed with discontinuity (seemingly dis-harmoniousness), in which the body that the eternal aspects of ourselves does not match who we really are. I liken this dichotomy to a symbiote and a vessel. We, our true selves are a symbiote (made up of our minds-hearts-spirits-souls), and are given sometimes the complete effortlessness of perfect harmony. While others, perhaps, the valiant spirits, foreordained to deal with adversity and a bold challenge, united to vessels that we may or may not have foreknowledge of being incongruent  to our true selves, a sort of divine test in the greater plan of salvation.

It should be a no-brainer that ones self identity is the most important aspect of a human beings life. We are not a bunch of autometons or lock-step, goose-step borg collective to be assimilated (although a certain American ideology machinates the living daylights out of that notion). We are unique individuals. There never was, is not and never will be anyone like you. I hope you will join me in our quest to wrestle the Earth from fools, and fight for the LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, not just the cis-gender (those of us with harmony of symbiote to vessel) among us. I hereby propose:


1.) Liberty and Justice For All People will be enforced, with no exceptions.

2.) The Right of an Individual, and only the individual, to Self Identify Sex and Gender shall not be infringed. 
3.) The Right of an Individual, to openly express their sex and gender, and or orientation via all externals, including, but not limited to choice in style, fabric, color of clothing, or gender markings, shall not be infringed.
4.) The Right of an Individual, regardless of sex or gender, or expression, or orientation of sex or gender to seek employment, wherever, and whenever employment is offered or otherwise available to humans, shall not be infringed. 
5.) The Right of an Individual, regardless of sex or gender, or expression, or orientation of sex or gender to seek housing, wherever, and whenever housing is offered or otherwise available to humans, shall not be infringed.
6.) Any institution, be it governmental, private, religious or secular shall make no attempt to discriminate based on sex, gender, orientation or expression of sex or gender, otherwise said institution or entity will be stripped of any tax exempt or preferential treatment, stripped of subsidies, stripped of all initiatives, be subject to annual fines and fees in addition to taxes, and be entered into a database for all entities that discriminate, are supremacistic or otherwise bigoted.

7.) ALL LGBTQIA people are considered valid and unique individuals, the Right of any two adults to enter into marriage shall not be infringed.
8.) Any and all expressions of individuality shall be celebrated and not infringed. 
9.) The taking of the life, assault, or harassment of LGBTQIA people will constitute a Federal Hate Crime and be subject to the stiffest penalties allowable under law.
10) Bullying in all forms will not be tolerated, especially against LGBTQIA people. All schools must set up training for anti LGBTQIA bullying programs to be run. First offenses will constitute grounds for removal, be the attack physical, social, mental, or verbal. Repeat offenders will face time in detention, adults will face prison sentencing. Bullying and Bullicide will be dealt with by any and all means necessary.
11.) No Health Care, Medical, or insurance entity can deny an LGBTQIA individual, including Transgender, Transsexual individuals, the care considered necessary for gaining gender continuity confirmation, hormone treatment, or gender confirmation surgery, regardless of ability to pay, stage of transition, or ability to obtain letters from counselors.
So....that is a good start, maybe. I agree with Vice President Joe Biden, that Transgender Rights are the next Civil Rights Landmark Struggle. And we are on the winning side....things are getting better, things are getting better every day. Even President Obama, upon hugging me for the second time this Campaign, personally told me, that he is going to work hard for Transgender Rights during his second term. I believe him.

I look forward to your comments and or suggestions. Thank you for visiting, don't forget to join this blog and subscribe.

All My Love, And Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays,



  1. All humans are equal. It is not thanksgiving right now that am writing but It is never late to be thankful for understanding friends who seek peace and equality. LOVE ... XOXO

  2. I appreciate your support Shirin. I admire all those who advocate for Peace, Love, Empathy, Compassion, Understanding, Equality and Fairness. I agree with the concept of an Ecumenopolis, or Ecumenotopia. Anyway, everyday can be a day of thanksgiving, and every day we can celebrate the spirit of Christmas, spirit of Easter, Eid-al-fatir, and every day that embraces and celebrates these shared paradisical virtues, that we as human beings, have the power to utilize and make Heaven, a place on Earth.

    Love and Hugs, XOXO