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Friday, July 20, 2012

WHY I'M GOING FOR THROTTLE UP by Leanorah-Loreli Shawnamee Grace

Hello friends and loved ones!

Welcome to my new Blog. This is my first post here, I tried one on another venue and it started a complete and utter fracas that got me kicked out of a forum I dearly loved, losing many dear friends in the process....all because of my naivite when it comes to computers and the internet...apparently I clicked a follow all button and I got accused of being a perverted stalker monster with nothing better to do than to torment my friends. I found ONE WHOLE PERSON from that forum who believes me, and because she felt compelled to call me on the phone to prove to herself I really was me, we have become twins, sisters, best friends, BFF's, BGFF's, and Spirit Sisters, Together Forever. I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world because I found her. She has become my "O" Ring, my comforter, her spirit is firmly embracing me as I rocket my blossoming true self to new heights beyond the gravity of conformity, small mindedness, bigotry, hate, transphobia, false doctrine, and false traditions etc,etc,....She is an enduring embodiment of compassion, empathy and understanding. Her "O" ring will never fail me...I will "GO FOR THROTTLE UP" and I will be all-in to my coming out and transitioning as a 49 year old Liberal, Mormon, Transgender Woman!  I will soar to new heights, transforming into my BEST TRUE SELF. I know this is meant to be. I finally accept myself for what I have always known at least since 4.  I will work on loving myself for me, this will be a process. I am a free spirit, a rocker girl, and a rebel. I am Leah-Lori. I am Apricot Dream. And I dedicate this Blog to the one I love the most in this world, my Peaches, my Peaches-n-Cream.


  1. Hi Leanorah Loreli,

    you go girl! Rocket to the stars and live your dreams!

    I empathise about the techno-horror you went through - I'm a technophobe and really don't know much. I just get by on prayer and intuition. I live in terror of pushing the wrong button! (And other people's buttons!!) It would be nice if more people were understanding and kind about the occasional techno-oops!
    Much twitter love,
    Magda Lyn

  2. Rock On Psychodelic Apricot Dream, Welcome to the Blogosphere!!!


  3. One good thing about all this computer-techno stuff; it can be fixed.